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Yemensoft in SITEX Khartoum 2018
YemenSoft at GITEX Dubai 2014
Yemensoft launches the new version of Onyx Pro at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2016
YemenSoft participated in the CeBIT 2016 World Technology in Hanover, Germany to showcase its latest software releases to European and international markets
50 Innovative Companies To Watch 2018
YemenSoft was selected as one of the top 50 innovative companies for the year of 2018 by the US universal technology magazine The Silicon Review

YemenSoft Services

Customer Service ( Responsibility and Commitment):

YemenSoft believes that customer service is really a responsibility and an ethical commitment and should be done in the best manner, so YemenSoft dedicated an integrated department with human and technical facilities for customer service. This department receives client requests, complaints, and suggestions, processing them with other relevant department and sections of the company in prompt through a computerized system which is based on the procedures of quality system (ISO9001:2008) to process, and follow up complaints and requests, closing all cases in satisfying manner.


·    Our Services

·         Technical Support.

·         Software Updates.

·         Software Implementation. 

·         Developing user skills.

·         Understand our customers’ requirements.

·    What Makes us Special

·         Online trouble ticketing system to serve all our customers.

·         Our valuable customers can easily track their own cases online and get the latest updates through our CRM Mobile App.

·         Our support team will provide a full report and recommendations through CRM after closing any case.

·         Customers can easily evaluate and rate our services after the completion of each case.

·         We provide our services based on ISO 9001: The international IT Service Management Standard.

·         Professional high customer care and technical support services.

·         We are always reachable through our support team by phone from each branch and you can always contact our online support team by email:  

·    Continuous Technical Support

We consider three main steps in our cases support methodology.

 ys service

The following are the main components of our support methodology

·    Customer Request

Customers submit their requests through the CRM Mobile App at any time, they will receive a status update with all information with the engineer name who’s handling the request. 

Download our apps from Google play or App store for easy and smooth communication with our support team.

You can get more information on the App specification on the following link: click here

·    Online Technical Support:

We try our best to provide the best service and fulfil our customers’ needs by providing online service. Cases are assigned to the support engineers online. The engineer contact the customer directly and try to get as much information as possible to clarify the incident and solve it remotely as soon as possible.

With this online service and remote access we were able to reduce cases closing time and reduce the risk on the customer’s data and their daily operations.

·    On-Site Support

If the customers case needs an onsite activity, our engineer will be there on time to take care of the issue and sort it out.

·    Recommendation

After Solving the support case, a full report will be shared with the customer, explaining the causes and the recommended steps to prevent this issue from happening in the future. All of this is communicated through the mobile App.

·    Customer Feedback

To ensure our customer satisfaction and to improve the level of service, we ask our customers to provide their feedback and support experience through our Mobile App.

·    Software Updates

Our development and researches team continue working hard to enhance our software and introduce the latest technologies to overcome market obstacles and business needs.

All of that will be provided through our automatic upgrades and updates.

·    Implement Software Onsite

We know that analyzing the business model and the organization structure is so important. For that we conduct a detailed business analysis sessions, workshops and meetings to capture all structure details and requirements, so we can deliver the best configuration for your future system. All of this through couple of steps:

1    Analyze your business environment and set the best configuration.

2    Fulfill your users needs and build the trust.

3    Provide the users with a hands-on experience.

4    Assure that the implementation is going according to the plan.

5    Answer all your questions and concerns.

·    Developing User Skills

After completing any installation agreement, we provide an advanced hands-on training for your employees. We try our best to have a smooth operation with a lot of confident. We offer these training programs at any of our equipped training labs or in customer site.

·    Recommend the Best Solution

Before initiating any project, our consultants will analyze the business and all the needs before providing you with a detailed study including recommended solution and configuration.


This recommendation will provide you with an overall evaluation for the business technical status and need.

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