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YemenSoft in CeBIT 2015
Onyx Pro 2015 at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2015
YemenSoft invite you to see our new software versionsby visiting stand NO.A26/1, hall No.5 in Exhibition from 16-20 March in Hannover, Germany

System's Functions

  1. Managing and controlling branches which work as points of sale or sale centers by the most modern accounting methods.
  2. Performing sale processes through issuing sale invoices, sale return invoices, price offers (quotations), client orders, receipts( bill payable), and payment order (bill receivable) in sale centers.
  3. Updating data between head office and branches promptly by synchronization feature.
  4. Monitoring clients accounts of each branch, cash flow, banks transactions, and inventory turnover.


System's Benefits

System Benefits:

  1. Connecting all organization branches with each other and with the head office to enhance the capabilities of branches in sales and collection of debits.
  2. Increasing the organization capabilities of growing and spreading in markets, establishing new branches and sale centers controlled by a precise and compact system.
  3. Facilitating the processes of sale and debit collection through branches.
  4. Setting for each client a restrictive limit of debit that cannot be exceeded.
  5. Issuing reports of cash flow, bank transactions, items and quantities turnover in all organization branches.
  6. Making the payment of credit invoices by installments. 
  7. Management control of user privileges, system setting for branches, essential data so that braches work according to the data and authorities granted by management.
  8. The full integration between Onyx Light and Onyx System from YemenSoft.



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