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Conditions for obtaining an agent or authorized distributor

Conditions for obtaining an agent or distributor accredited YemenSoft company.

For an agent or distributor accredited YemenSoft company to own a desk or fixed address is required so easy to work with in the future .. and be experienced even simple in the field of computers and accounting. 

Include the following services: 

- Marketing and sale of financial and administrative systems.
- Provision of training courses on systems .
-Present After-sales service ( maintenance) .

Agency Terms ( distribution ) :

1. The existence of a fixed address.

2. Basic experience in the field of marketing and Computer systems and dealing with customers.
3.sign a contract of understanding with the company for the contract year, renewable , and right YemenSoft company to cancel the contract in the event of a default in sales or service on the part of the agent.
4. All prices are predefined YemenSoft company and can be re- evaluated depending on the target market and to abide by the agent .
5. The agency will be non-exclusive . 
6. abide by proxy process ( marketing survey targeting and closing sales with the provision of all after-sales services .
7. receives distributor percentage agreed upon by the parties.

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